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Linnaean System

Linnaean System

Linnaean System

The Linnaean system classifies living things into groups depending on their unique characteristic. This categorisation was devised by Carl Linnaeus.

Classification is the process of placing organisms into groups based on what?

One of the most commonly used classifications systems was first introduced by Carl Linnaeus.


This Swedish biologist placed living things into groups based on their visible features and their internal structures. The highest level of organisation is the kingdom*.* What kingdom do you think humans belong to?


It was decided that one thing would decide if an organism belonged to the kingdom of plants. What do you think that one thing was?

A) They all have roots. B) They all have leaves. C) They all cannot move. D) They can all make their own food. E) They all have a similar cell structure with a cell wall.

In the Linnaean system, names use Latin and ancient Greek, but why do we still use these languages?


The image shows the basic structure of the Linnaean system of classification.

Each group is divided into smaller and smaller groups until the level of species.


Why is there no group in this system below species?

A) A species is a single type of organism. B) A species is a small group, and it is not sensible to divide it.

What are the largest and smallest groups in the Linnean classification system?

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The full classification of humans is: Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Primate, Hominidea, Homo sapiens. What part of this is normally used to refer to humans?

The use of the genus and species to name organisms is called the binomial system. Why is it called this do you think?


Mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians and birds are all part of the phylum Chordata. What feature do all these animals have in common?

A) They have limbs with joints. B) They all have cells with a nucleus. C) They all have pentadactyl limbs. D) They all have a backbone.

Fish form a single class of vertebrates, but they can be sub-divided into two smaller groups. The bony fish (e.g. salmon) and the cartilaginous fish (rays and sharks). What level of classification do we call bony fish versus cartilaginous fish?