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Whole Number Arithmetic

Learn the general rules that hold Maths together.


Indices show us how to multiply a number by itself


Understand and use fractions, including fractions greater than one

Approximation and Estimation

Sometimes, numbers are not exact. Learn how to estimate and round numbers within an acceptable range.

Ratio and Rates of Change

The relative value of numbers and amounts is important, and there are systems which we use to standardise these.

Factors, multiples & roots

Factors, multiples and roots help us understand how different numbers relate to each other

Standard form

Standard form helps us write numbers that are either very big or very small


Surds help us to express irrational numbers in a way that is simple and precise


Understand and use numbers that have decimal places


Understand, use and finding percentages. Learn to recognise when there has been in increase or decrease

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Fractions, decimals and percentages are different ways to represent numbers and the relations between them.