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Geometric Transformations

Transformations can change the position, size and orientation of a shape on the coordinate axes.


Angles around a point and on a straight line have rules which we can use to find unknown angles.


Polygons include all shapes with more than three straight sides.

Ruler and Compass Constructions

We need to be able to draw shapes using a compass and a ruler, and recognise how to construct particular geometrical objects.

Congruence and Similarity

Shapes can be similar if they are proportional to each other.


Circles have been studied for centuries, and have lots of interesting geometrical rules that we can use to find out unknown information.


We can measure the properties of shapes in both 2 and 3 dimensions.


Vectors are quantities which contain both size and direction, and describes movements from one place to another.

3D Geometry

The principles we have learned extend to 3D shapes, and we can use some of them to find out unknown information.


Trigonometry is the study of relationships in the lengths and angles of a triangle, which originated in the study of astronomical formations.