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Black Spot and Aphids

Black Spot and Aphids

Black Spot and Aphids

Black spot is a plant fungal disease. As the name suggests, black spots appear on certain parts of the plant which affects its function. Aphids are a type of insect which are considered a pest to the plant.

Plants suffer from pests and disease just like animals. What are the main types of pest and disease in plants?

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Black spot is a fungal disease that affects roses. How do we identify it?

A) Black or purple spots on the leaves B) Black or purple spots on the flowers

If the leaves go black, it would mean the rose plant can no longer ______________.

If the plant can't make glucose from photosynthesis, what will it immediately do less of?

So black spot is a fungal disease which infects the leaves of roses. It is identified as black or purple spots on the leaves, which may also turn yellow and drop off. It spreads through spores in the wind and raindrops.


The image shows an aphid infestation of a plant. How do you identify this infestation?

A) Spots on the leaves B) Cluster of small insects


Why do you think aphids infest plants?

A) They use the plant to hide themselves from predators. B) They use the plant to shield themselves from raindrops. C) They feed off the plant.


So aphids infest plants to feed off them. Specifically, they feed off plant sap. What is plant sap?

A) A solution of food substances. B) A solution of water and minerals. C) Water.


When the aphids start feeding on the plant sap it means there will be fewer nutrients available for the plant itself. How will that affect the plant?

A) The plant will get tired and lie down. B) The plant will drop leaves to reduce its need for energy. C) The plant will stop growing as much.


So aphids feeding on the plant's sap means the plant's growth will be affected.

It also makes the plant produce fewer flowers and less yield (for example fewer fruits).

Aphids can be green, black or yellow. They are commonly known as "greenfly" and "blackfly". They can also have different forms. They can have wings, or be wingless.

Ladybirds help to control aphids. How do you think they do that?

Aphids are pests that feed on plant sap. They can be spotted in clusters near new growths, and can cause stunted growth and low yields because they take nutrients away from the plant. Insecticides and biological controls, like ladybirds, help control the pests.