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Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Tobacco mosaic virus is a disease that primarily affects one group of plants. The disease causes symptoms which gardeners can use to identify the disease, but there are other methods to diagnose the disease too.

The tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is a plant disease that is caused by a viral pathogen.

TMV affects tobacco plants and other plants, like tomatoes and peppers. Tobacco, tomatoes and peppers have something in common, which means they can all be infected with TMV. What do you think it is?

TMV can occur in a wide range of plants, but especially those in the same genetic family as tomatoes, peppers and tobacco.

The virus causes some of the green leaves to become discoloured. Why do you think that is?

What colour pigment does chlorophyll give the plant?


This plant is infected with TMV. How would you describe the pattern of discolouration? This is not a trick question!

A) Striped B) Mosaic C) Circles

The virus causes plants to produce less chlorophyll. How does a lack of chlorophyll affect the plant?

So we can diagnose TMV just by looking at the plant. The leaves of the plant will show mosaic pattern of discolouration, the plant will show stunted growth, and parts of the leaves will die. They will curl up or crinkle.

How do you think TMV can be transmitted? Pick all the options you think are correct.

You can select multiple answers

There is no cure for TMV, so farmers need to take all measures possible to avoid the spread of it. What could it mean for the farmer if many of his plants get infected?