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Biotechnology and Food

Biotechnology and Food

Biotechnology and Food

Science can even be involved in food production. Biotechnology can be used to help provide solutions to different threats of food security.

This lesson looks at how technology has changed our food to help food security.

What is biotechnology?

What is an example of how biotechnology is used to help food security?

What do we mean by crossing plants?

What is the benefit of biotechnology for food security?

Why is biotechnology in food important in modern society?

Using biotechnology, large amounts of microorganisms can be grown to eat. For example, we can grow the fungus Fusarium **** which is really good for vegetarians. Why do you think that is?

Fusarium is grown on glucose syrup because...

Fusarium grows in aerobic conditions, which means it needs...

Biotechnology changes organisms, which allows us to produce more food. That is very fortunate for the growing world population. For example, certain fungi are used to make mycoprotein for vegetarians.

So we can cross organisms to control their offspring and make them produce bigger fruits for example. Another example of biotechnology is genetic modification. What does that mean?

We can use genetic modification to create more food (as we could with crossing), but we can also use genetic modification to add...

What are nutrients? Pick all the options you think are correct.

You can select multiple answers

Golden rice is an example of a genetically modified (GM) food. Golden rice has added beta-carotene, which becomes vitamin A in our bodies. Vitamin A is the one you need for good vision, healthy skin and strong immune system.

To make golden rice, you take rice and modify it to contain a gene for beta-carotene. Which food is naturally high in beta-carotene (and vitamin A)?

But if carrots have beta-carotene, why would you need golden rice?

We can also genetically modify bacteria to make insulin. Who do we give that insulin to?

Genetically modified (GM) foods can provide more food and foods with added nutrients, for example golden rice. We can also genetically modify bacteria to produce insulin for patients with diabetes.