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Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable Fisheries

Taking fish from the oceans must be done in a way that doesn't disrupt the natural ecosystems that exist. Regulations can be put in place to help ensure we leave behind healthy ecosystems.

By sustainable fisheries we mean that we fish in a way that does not reduce...

Why do we need sustainability in fisheries?

So sustainable fisheries enable a diverse and large fish population. These days, what is the state of the amount of fish in the oceans?

How many fish do you think we minimally need of one type of, to be able to sustain them?

What happens if there are not enough fish of one species to produce offspring?

Which one of these do you think is a method we use in sustainable fishing to make sure we don't cause a fish species to go extinct?

Why does it help sustainability of fish that we let small fish escape?

Fishing quotas are also very important for sustainable fishing. What do you think they are?

How do you think fish quotas are decided?

Nowadays, the number of fish is declining. Sustainable fishing makes sure that the amount of fish, and fish species diversity are not reducing. We do that by controlling net sizes so that the smaller fish can escape the nets and reproduce when they grow bigger. We also stick to fish quotas, so that we catch fewer fish than are born every year.