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Maintaining Biodiversity

Maintaining Biodiversity

Maintaining Biodiversity

Programmes have been put in place to help reduce the impact humans have on biodiversity. Even with these, however, we still have a negative overall influence on the natural world.

Which of the following human activities harm the ecosystem? Pick all the options you think are correct.

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Luckily, humans also do things to support the ecosystem. For instance, there are breeding programmes for endangered species. What does that mean?

Some species need rare habitats. What can we do for those species?

Farmers often grow only one type of crop over a large area. This is generally not great for the ecosystem. To help the ecosystem, we plant field margins and hedgerows. How do they help? Pick all the answers you think are correct.

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Some governments introduce regulations to reduce carbon emissions. Which one of these regulations will actually help do that?

Good waste management will also support the ecosystem. Which one of these options describes good waste management?

Humans have taken actions to support the ecosystem with for example breeding programmes, protection of rare habitats, reintroduction of field margins and hedgerows, reduced deforestation, and recycling. All of these actions are supported by science.

So we do a lot to support the world's ecosystems, but are we doing enough?

All of these measures are great and we should keep them up. At the same time, however, we are also doing a lot that harms our ecosystems around the world, which means that ecosystems are still suffering.