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Why Should We Maintain Biodiversity?

Why Should We Maintain Biodiversity?

Why Should We Maintain Biodiversity?

Species are connected in several ways, and these connections are fragile. A biodiverse environment is important for the health of the planet, and people are realising that measures must be taken to protect Earth's biodiversity.

Why is biodiversity important?

Well maintained and stable ecosystems are not the only reason why biodiversity is important. What might be another reason?

How many individuals are left in a species which is extinct?

Why should we prevent species from going extinct?

So if species go extinct it can cause food chains to break. What would that mean?

What could happen if lots of plants suddenly went extinct?

What effect can extinction have for humans?

We need biodiversity to maintain stable ecosystems, and to prevent species from going extinct. Extinction of species can lead to broken food chains and less food options for humans. It can also increase carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

What can we do to prevent extinction?

What is conservation?

How can reforestation prevent extinction? Pick all the options you think are correct.

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To prevent extinction, we should have conservation programmes to protect endangered species and their environments. Reforestation will protect the whole ecosystem **** and prevent extinction of plants, animals and microorganisms living in the forests.