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Testosterone is the main reproductive hormone in males, which is produced in the testes. Testosterone levels spike during puberty, causing secondary sexual characteristics to develop.

At birth, males and females first differ in the primary sexual characteristics we have. More characteristics develop during puberty which make the sexes even more different from each other.

During puberty, the production of certain hormones cause characteristics such as hair growth, changes in body shape and size, and voice pitch changes. What do you think we call these characteristics?

One hormone that causes some of these characteristics is testosterone. Which sex do you think has high levels of testosterone during puberty?

Testosterone is the main male hormone during puberty. Which organ do you think releases it?

The testicles are also called testes. One testicles is called a testis. How many testicles do males have?

Where do you think the testicles are?

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testes (testicles). It is the main male reproductive hormone. The testicles are located in the man's pelvic region.

If testosterone is produced in the testes, what do you think one of testosterone's functions is?

Testosterone can also affect growth, which is why boys are especially well known for having a "growth spurt". What other male puberty characteristic do you think is related to testosterone?

Testosterone can also affect the male voice during puberty. How is the voice affected?


Here is an image of a male at age 18, once he has gone through puberty. How many secondary male characteristics can you spot?

This is a recap of the different sexual characteristics of males.


Which of these are primary sexual characteristics?

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Secondary sexual characteristics occur during puberty.

These include hair growth, sperm cell production, muscle growth and a deeper voice pitch.


Which of these statements is correct?