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Filtration is the first stage of the action of nephrons in the kidney.

Name the functional structure of the kidney. It is where blood is filtered and useful substances are reabsorbed.

Blood is brought from the heart to the kidney in the renal artery. The renal artery leads to a cluster of capillaries. This is where filtration starts. Name the cluster of capillaries.


Blood is filtered

Blood arrives via the renal artery and leads to the glomerulus.


Through which part of the nephron does the filtered blood enter?

The liquid parts of the blood are forced through gaps in the wall of the glomerulus and into the Bowman's capsule. There is a special type of filtration happening. What do you think it's called?


Ultrafiltration of blood

High pressure is created. This forces the liquid part of the blood into the Bowman's capsule.


How is the high pressure created in the glomerulus?

A) A nearby muscle contracts, squeezing liquid through. B) The afferent arteriole is wider than the efferent arteriole.

Select the 4 substances that filter from the glomerulus into the Bowman's capsule.

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Blood is filtered before entering the nephron. High pressure is created in the glomerulus, forcing the water, urea, glucose and ions out of the blood and into the Bowman's capsule. Big molecules will not get through, such as proteins and blood cells.



Water, glucose, ions and urea filter out of the blood into the nephron.


The protein content of the nephron is ...

A) 75grams/dm375 grams/dm^3 B) 0grams/dm30 grams/dm^3


Compare the water, glucose, ions and urea concentrations in the blood and inside the nephron.

A) Concentrations are higher in the blood B) Concentrations are the same

After ultrafiltration the kidney goes on to reabsorb the useful substances that it needs. All of the glucose is reabsorbed, some of the ions and water that are required are reabsorbed. The remaining water, ions and urea drain into the bladder.

Which waste product is produced by the kidney as a result of filtration and reabsorption?