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Reabsorption of Glucose

Reabsorption of Glucose

Reabsorption of Glucose

Glucose is the other main component that can be selectively reabsorbed in the nephron.

Name the waste product produced by the kidneys.

Select the 3 main substances in urine.

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Name the organ where urea is made.

Name the functional unit of the kidney.

Name the process where the liquid parts of the blood move from the glomerulus and into the Bowman's capsule.

During ultrafiltration, glucose also passes into the Bowman's capsule. However, no glucose is found in healthy urine as the glucose is reabsorbed in the nephron. This means that when glucose is reabsorbed it is moves ________ the concentration gradient.

Why does the body not want to get rid of glucose? Why does it get reabsorbed?


Useful substances are reabsorbed in the nephron.

After ultrafiltration, all of the glucose will need to be reabsorbed.


In which part of the nephron is the glucose reabsorbed?

A) Loop of Henle B) First tubule leading from Bowman's capsule

Name the process where glucose is used to release energy, this happens in every cell.

How much glucose is in healthy urine?

Because the body needs glucose for respiration, all of the glucose is reabsorbed from the solution that filters into the nephron. Glucose is special in that sense. It is not all substances that are reabsorbed, so we call this process selective reabsorption.