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The Lungs, Mucus and Cilia

The Lungs, Mucus and Cilia

The Lungs, Mucus and Cilia

Lungs are the organs as part of the respiratory system in mammals.

The air you breathe in is usually colder than your body temperature, so the air gets warmed up as you breathe. What do you think is the first place that air starts to be warmed up when you breathe in?

You may have noticed that the nasal passages contain mucus. Why do you think the body keeps mucus around? Pick all the options you think are correct.

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The nasal passages...

are lined with hair and a mucous membrane to filter the air we breathe in for dirt and bacteria. Blood vessels help warm up the air.


The trachea...

is lined with ciliated epithelium that moves foreign substances out of the respiratory system, protecting the lungs from harm. It also has C-shaped rings of cartilage that keep it open, like the rings of a vacuum pipe.


The bronchi and bronchioles...

... are also lined with cilia and help move air from the trachea to the alveoli. They also help warm and moisten the air.

The incomplete cartilage rings in the trachea allow the trachea to...

The hair-like structures that help sweep and remove foreign material from the respiratory system are known as...

Alveoli are the sites of gaseous exchange. What do you think surrounds the outside of alveoli?

What substance in the respiratory system helps to trap dirt and other substances?

What's the difference in function between mucus and cilia?