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Where Does Mitosis Happen?

Where Does Mitosis Happen?

Where Does Mitosis Happen?

Cell division by mitosis is important in the growth and development of multicellular organisms.

If a skin cell was to divide by mitosis, what type of cells will be produced?

When might someone need to replace their body cells?

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Plants grow from specific points on their bodies that we call meristems. These areas can use mitosis to make cells that form the cells of their bodies. In most plants there are three main meristems. Where do you think they might be?

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Most plants have their shoot meristems at the top. We call them apical meristems. If you cut them off, that stem stops growing. Gardeners call that pruning.

Grass, on the other hand, has its growing point at the base, so when they are cut by the lawn mower, they don't stop growing. That is why weeds are damaged by cutting, but grass is not.

In plants, mitosis happens at the growing points, called the ___________.

Where can mitosis happen in animal bodies?

Unlike plants, animals are able to grow from many different locations in the body. As the body grows, it does so form all parts, not just the top or the bottom like a plant.

In addition to growth, mitosis can take place in multiple locations in an animal's body for what other reason?

Mitosis in plants is localised: It is limited to a few special sites. Mitosis in animals is general: It takes place in many locations.

Single celled organism, bacteria for example, also use mitosis. What would be its function in these organisms?