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Fungal Diseases

Fungal Diseases

Fungal Diseases

Fungi can also act as pathogens. In plants, the fungal disease rose black spot affects primarily rose plants and interferes with the plant's functions. Luckily, there is a cure for this disease.

What are fungi? Pick the most correct option.


Rose black spot is a fungal disease that affect roses. Which of these leaves belong to a plant with rose black spot? A, B or C?


So the symptoms of rose black spot is...

purple or black spots on the leaves.

What do you think happens to a rose plant with rose black spot?

If rose black spots affect the leaves, what problem does it cause for the plant?

How do you think rose black spot might spread?

How can we treat rose black spot?

What else can you do to help a plant with rose black spot?

Rose black spot is a fungal disease which gives purple and black spots to leaves of rose plants. The leaves will turn yellow and fall early. This affects plant growth, because the leaves won't be able to perform photosynthesis as well. The disease is spread by wind and water. Plants can be treated with fungicides or by removing and destroying the affected leaves.