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Measles is a viral disease, which can be deadly in some cases. Luckily, there's a vaccine that is available to young children to prevent this disease.

The measles virus makes you sick. What do we call something that makes you sick?

Which of the following are pathogens? Pick all the answers you think are correct.

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Measles is a disease caused by the measles virus. What are the symptoms?


Take a look at the picture. How does the measles virus spread?

A) Via animals B) Via mosquitoes C) Via droplets


How can you catch the measles virus?

A) Eating bad food B) Inhaling the droplets C) Sitting in the sun

So the measles virus is a pathogen. It spreads via droplets that you sneeze out and someone inhales. Measles causes fever and red skin rash.

The measles can be very serious in some patients: they might ________ from it.

How do we protect ourselves **** from the measles?

What happens if you receive a measles vaccine?

Measles can be a very serious disease! In fact, it can be fatal, which means that in some cases it can kill. To prevent measles, young children are vaccinated against the virus.