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Ammeters in Series

Ammeters in Series

Ammeters in Series

We use ammeters to measure the current (in amps) in a circuit. Ammeters must be connected in series.

What is the unit for current?

Which component is used to measure the current in a circuit?


There are different types of ammeters. What type is the one in the image? Answer "digital" or "analogue".


This is the other type of ammeter.

It is analogue.

Which of the two types of ammeter do you think is more accurate?

If we do use an analogue ammeter, how can we ensure that we are as accurate as possible? Pick all the options you think are correct.

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Do we connect an ammeter in series or parallel?

What is the circuit symbol for an ammeter?

To sum up!


An ammeter measures the current in a circuit, in amps (A).

We connect ammeters in series so that they measure all of the current.


There are two types of ammeters: Digital and analogue.

The smaller the scale on an analogue ammeter, the more accurate the reading, but a digital ammeter is more accurate still because it reduces the risk of human error.