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You will learn about Nuclear power that can generate energy, and understand its social and political implications.

Which of the following energy sources do you think is the most efficient for producing electricity per pound of raw material?

Where do you think nuclear energy comes from? Pick all the option you think are correct.

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Is nuclear energy a renewable energy resource?

Nuclear energy is an extremely efficient method for producing electricity. It can produce large amounts from quite small amounts of raw material.

Nuclear energy is converted to electricity through either radioactive decay, nuclear fission or nuclear fusion (all of which we will look at in later lessons).

It is a non-renewable energy source.

True or false? Nuclear energy releases lots of polluting gasses into the atmosphere?

True or false? The waste materials produced from nuclear power is dangerous.

So is nuclear power safe to use to generate electricity?

Nuclear power does not produce any polluting gasses, but it produces large amounts of radioactive waste which must be disposed of properly. This a costly and time consuming process.

What are the disadvantages of using nuclear power? Pick all the options you think are correct.

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Which of the following is the reason for peoples general negative views on nuclear power?

Due to famous accidents, such as at Chernobyl power station in Russia in 1986, the public have a negative view on nuclear power and do not like it to be used for fear of the consequences of something going wrong. Also, some people don't like nuclear power because of the link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons.