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We will think about the trend of how much renewable and non-renewable energy resources are used in the UK, and the issues related to it.

Which of the energy resources below do you think is used to produce the most electricity in the UK?

What percentage of the UK's electricity is produced from fossil fuels, do you think?

So the UK generates 90% of its electricity from non-renewable resources. This is because fossil fuels are an extremely reliable source of energy.

This means that 10% of the UK's electricity comes from renewable resources. More than half of this comes from wind farms, although solar cells are becoming more common as well.

However, if the UK is to increase the amount of energy that comes from renewable sources significantly, they have to increase the amount of electricity created by water. This would require building new dams, which could prove very costly.

Why are fossil fuels more commonly used than the other resources? Pick all the options you think are correct.

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Which of the following are true about fossil fuel supplies? Pick all the options you think are correct.

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True or false? The UK government have set targets for how much of the UK's electricity should be produced from renewable energy resources.

The UK has always produced its electricity through the burning of fossil fuels. This has to change for two main reasons: It causes lots and lots of pollution and fossil fuels are running out!

The UK government have to ensure that 20% of the UK's electricity is produced by renewable energy resources to help reduce global warming.

Which of the renewable energy resources do you think produces the highest percentage of electricity in the UK?

Currently, the UK produces less than 1% of its electricity from tidal and wave power. Would it be possible to increase this number?

So why doesn't the UK produce more energy through wave and tidal power? Pick all the options you think are correct.

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Why do people oppose wind farms being built near to their homes in the countryside?

Science has created many different ways which could be used to produce electricity in the UK. However, there are many reasons why this does not happen, including economic and social reasons that the government have to take into account before approving a new plan.